Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Holiday Happenings

Advent Calendar for 2011-  Holiday Happenings

 Holiday Happenings, yes we have some of those.  Jesus Murillo was given a birthday party for his birthday along with celebrating Christmas. We had birthday cake so long long ago.

 Brother has birthday in December he just passed the celebrating date. Brother was not left out for birthday but interesting enough within the family some were very overlooked when family was younger. Never understood how family could celebrate ones birthday and not the other the next day. Was not our choice so we stayed away during the time of the ignored birthday.

 Cousin's birthday is Jan 1.  Now when he turned an adult he really had fun. An avid book reader and baseball lover both to play and enjoy.

 When I was younger Everett Zimmerman's birthday fell 28 December and we always had fun celebrating with this family. Some times the adults pushed it over to New Years Eve so only on trip across town.
We lived about 35 miles apart. Everett was my Dad's dear friend as  his wife was Mom's. They were killed in August of 1966 if I can remember right.  Sad sad day.  She was my other mother for many years.
We met before my family moved to California so she was, Aunt, friend and second Mom.  I knew them for about 24 + years.  They had a major influence over my life and my siblings.  When younger brother went to work he milked cows for them, was in their employee when the died. We shared them in our family events as they did us in theirs. I met so many later to learn distant kin. They lived near my Aunt Etta and Uncle Comillo and those families seem to all intermingle over time. Even in the grave yard the names are interspersed.

 Grandson's birthday is in January and after his birth we always left tree up until his birthday past. He loved the lights and balls. I do  not think he decorated tree this year. Think he was at the other house.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog. I see you are researching the Jones family. I am searching for Browns (and cousins who are Smiths). I understand how difficult it is to search for a common last name! ha

  2. Alas but I have Brown and Smith also. But five different JONES lines.
    Brown in New England and Brown on hubby side from Va to south and Tenn and IOWa. Smith is New England. I have not tried to work my New England Smith and Brown.