Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011 by Susi Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards used to be just that.  A homemade or store bought card sent to family that was not near.
we have inherited a couple of early cards that  Mom was given in her early years.

I love to see how they have changed. Even when Santa Claus was not the main character of Christmas he was on early cards. Each Country has a different theme picked for their cards. Kris Kringle, St. Lucia, and the list goes on. It is a celebration from 6 December until 6 January depending on country.

The writing of the cards generally falls to me.  We send cards and do up a Christmas letter capturing the essence of the year.  That is my big event for today besides finishing make the dog bed covers.

I fear that the writing of family memories and sharing with family is going to go away because many rely on the computer to send a note and save a stamp.  This is another form of family memories for future families to learn how we lived today.  It is as near to a journal as many ever write anymore.

It amazes me how the children will take cards sent from Aunt's, Uncle's, Grandparents and toss them away.
That is a signature of some one now gone. It is the essence of the person of the past.

As we learned by a handwriting analyst that, that name can tell you something about the person who is no longer  here to share the information.

Hoping people take heed and do not stop this very special way of keeping in touch with the people of the past in the future of tomorrow.

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