Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas is Here- 2011

Christmas is Here - 2011

Christmas Eve brought us great joy with the sharing of a Great Grandchild and family.
Yes, family from all sides came to see the little boy. It was a day of great joy.

 Late at night a grandson arrived at home. I then went to bed feeling they were all safe and off the road.

 This morning we had breakfast for the family whom lives near. Everyone called and most all came by through out the day.

 We served fresh fruit, ham, bacon, eggs, bagels with assorted cream cheese spreads. Lots of  juices and cocoa and coffee or tea were available also to imbibe.

 We missed our family in Michigan, whom we knew was missing us. They called us almost like on cue.

 We shared about the beautiful gifts that Sara had given us for Christmas {knitted} and we then shared our crochet projects with the family also.

 The temperature was in the low 70's and the sun shone all day long.

  Grandpa B B Que'd for  late afternoon and we shared a pleasant time with our grandsons that are from out of the area.

 Keeping the tradition that started when they were younger the group of them all went out to the movies.

 Missed being at the rest of families dinner.  We only see these boys about ever 3 to 5 months any more.  I am sure we missed an awesome plate and  more great company.

 Dan made it in from his Mom's in Escondido and Andrew called us, he spent day at his Mom's.

Hope that everyone, everywhere had a great day to remember.  I even talked to my Great Aunt in Greybull, Wyoming. We spoke to Don and family also mid morning.  Mary called last evening, as did Shirley the day before. Fred's siblings.

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