Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Thinking Back

Tombstone Tuesday  Thinking Back

 Yes it's Tombstone story day.  Having been in a few states across the country, I have found that
tombstones vary greatly from area to area.

 Of course we know that wealth or lack of made a difference for many stones, but have you looked
 at the making of the stones, shapes, ideas presented etc.  Having read that  religion and cause of death
 can make the  difference in stones I have also observed that they are differently done by areas.

 Having traveled to South West Pennsylvania,  Western Ohio, Southern Michigan, Upper and Lower Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico. Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska,
Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, Baja Mexico and California from top to bottom, I have taken pictures in many of these states and tromped down a creek line in RickReal, Oregon when I was only 16.
The cemetery has slide down into the creek area on one side.

In Afton, Wyoming the small cemetery runs up the side of the mountain on the north side of town.
It has many interestingly  unique stones and wooden crosses in a few spots. Of course this was some 12
 years ago.

When you are out researching cemeteries, have you noticed how the area seems to have similar stone designs within each region?  Of course, they maybe have a quarry around that has a specific type stone,
 but that is not what I am talking about.

 Hope to get some replies to this.

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