Saturday, December 24, 2011

Avent Calendar for 2011 -- Christmas Eve Events

Christmas Eve Events at the Jones House later at the Pentico's.

As a child we spent the time at my Uncle and Aunt's house with the toy train that was given to the boys the year before1944 and each year they got more engines and cars.  I last saw this train running around the toy work room built for the boys when they were much older and working on the dairy. It ran around the side walls of the room. Probably 15 x 15 x 15 x15.  It was more than one train before it left the house domain.

 I remember the year Bob got a engine that spit fire and smoke and had light on the front. Don got a Caboose that lit up and flag man waved a lantern.  It was an event looked forward to for many years as a young person.  It was a winter event for being out of the rain and cold. Northern California and we did some times get snow on the ground and lots of ice.  We if lucky, even got to run it if wet, nasty EASTER.

Later years we as a young family(Pentico) made popcorn and we all strung it for the tree. First it was just Dad and Mom and I. Then siblings and family did it for many years. At the Pentico house it was the biggest ornaments on the tree the first few years.  Popcorn on the tree stopped some time in Lemoore Naval Station after the ants attacked the Pentico tree. 1963/4.

When we moved to San Diego we did popcorn again and only left it up a couple of days so it was always strung on last.

At the time, 1950's Mom had been given some neat lights by her Mom and she strung lights. Does anyone remember the Bubble Lights? Mom and I both loved the affects of the bubble lights. Maybe I will find and
string some on my tree next year.

Mom had also gotten some flower lights shared by her mother that were cut glass and individual petal wired. I think we had 8 on a strand to start with. I remember them being purple, last to die, red, yellow, and pink and the other colors I am not remembering.

When the children (Pentico) were small we went to Mass in the mornings and then when older we went to Midnight Mass and then came home and they could open one gift.

Mom and Dad and family went to morning Mass with Uncle Comillo and Aunt Etta & boys generally.
Even when we moved across town we met at St. Vincent's and went to Mass.

Somewhere along the line it changed but it was done for many years. Then we did Christmas Mass at Tomales, CA. instead of Petaluma, Ca.

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