Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011 Out door Ornaments

Out Door Ornaments

 We lived in the country a bit away from the road.  I can only recall Mom and Dad hanging lights around the entry way to the house door and along the porch some years if not to windy in Valley Ford.

We almost always had a wreath or bough of greens on the door. We decorated the tree to be seen from the window on the road, if the fog not to thick.

Mom and Dad strung lights along the porch by the door and some times around it varying each year a bit.

We being military were in many places for Christmas.

At Lemoore NAS, we decorated the tree in the living room to be seen between patio fence on the outside some times. I always hung lights around the dining room window where others passing by could see them.

A couple of times we had a bough on the door.

In Coronado I hung lights in the dining room windows and the living room windows. We decorated the tree so it could be seen sometimes by the neighbors. We even had mini tree on the enclosed patio for fun. The boys were very young then.  They had plastic ornaments and items made at school to use.

In Hawaii, we celebrated it very different Tree in window for lights to be seen outside. Lights all around the Lanai for the neighbors to see, share and enjoy.  We spent much time on the Lanai.

Back to California and San Diego , lights were hung around the  garage door and the front window and front door. We had a large snow man that we blew and lit up at the front door. We still have him.

Since  1970 we have hung different kinds of lights, some blinked, played music and some were straight line and one out all out.  I like how he strung the lights in a different pattern this year around the garage area.

Seriously thinking of dragging out the snow man to see if he still works.

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