Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Holiday Parties

Advent Calendar for 2011 - Holiday Parties

 Holiday gatherings were done yearly, not really sure I would call them parties.  During the war
 we met at my Aunt's house and after Christmas, Uncle Comillo would have set the train set up and we would go down to his house, and watch the trains move throughout the house and blow smoke, whistle and chug along the tracks.

 This home was large and had a hall that had to be 40 feet long, if not longer.  The track wound around the
 kitchen and dining room through the setting room into the formal living room, then down the hall past all
 the bedrooms and baths and office turning around in one of the end rooms and coming back up to complete the trip in the large open kitchen.

I recall that we did not have track that went so far the first few years. I think it just went around kitchen, dining and living rooms.

 Each year the boys received more track and train cars and requested pieces. I know it was a time we really looked forward to. Generally the track was up for about a week. Part of it was disassembled during the day and the boys and I had to carefully put it together to see the trains run.

 I recall the one year Don got his special caboose and Bob got another transformer and a cross tracking splice. So the trains went faster and they actually then climbed up mini hills and came down etc.
 Don's Caboose had a light feature in it and it would come on when we were ending or starting a run, much like what a conductor did in real life.

 Many years later my Uncle built a Train House room for the  boys as a work shop and the trains run around the walls of the shop and could still be enjoyed.

 We always seemed to have Hot chocolate and marshmellow's and a sugar cookie at the end of the night.
  Of course our parents would enjoy this along with the children.

  As an adult with children we used to share Christmas Eve either at my parents or with my Uncle Gerald's family.  We would gather the children, gifts and food and drive 12 hours to Mom and Dad's for a few days. I did this even when husband was overseas.

 Once stationed in San Diego we always shared holiday time with Dad's brother and his family and friends.

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