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Advent Calendar for 2011- Holiday Travel for the Pentico's

Advent Calendar for 2011-  Holiday Travel for the Pentico's

On Dec 13, I wrote about my family and Holiday Travels.  That family being the JONES Family.
Dad was a Jones, Mom was a HOFFMAN. Her Grandmother was a DUVALL and her mom was a SCOTT.  Into the mix comes the PENTICO name. We married in 1959, in Sunnyvale, California.

 Our first Christmas was apart. He flying in parts unknown and I in Sonoma Co. Calif. with my parents and family. Our 2nd Christmas he was home just before Christmas because first born was gravely ill.  I was still at my parents since I had moved back home.  I spent the day with the baby, mostly. He was winging his way back to Guam to come home for next tour of duty.

 We then spent our first family Christmas together in Lemoore Naval Air Station, CA. The entire family chipped in for us to have a Christmas. Items from Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends  and  our parents made the event happen.

 I used the roasting pan Wednesday morning to cook the Society's turkey in.  It is a baked enamel pan and has given us much use.

 As time marched on we would go to Mom and Dad's up the road since his family was in Iowa much to far to travel in a few days and cold would be upon Iowa.  We seldom missed a year at the folks sharing with all the other relatives mentioned above, We added a couple of neighbors that had become like family to the group and it was really jolly fun time but lots of cooking and cleaning.  But lots of good conversations and games, the younger ones could play with their cousins. Eddie, Don, Wayne, Billy, Little Ray, Richard, Becky, Candy, Bj,  Alan and other younger ones when a family was around.

One year the folks came to our home in Lemoore, with my sister still in high school and my brothers.
My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Fred would come bringing: Jerry, Linda and Ken.  One year we all congregated at Aunt Ruth's in Sunnyvale area. Sometimes at Mom's we had double cousin Ken Foulk and his children at Valley Ford or Aunt Ruth's in the city.

The Foulk is Grandma Ida's maiden name before she married Grandad Jones. They had 2 boys and 1 girl. She was the first baby Fred ever held.

After our  tour to Hawaii we settled in San Diego, CA and then family came to see us or we went to see them and we added my Uncle Gerald and Aunt Jennie and their children Lew and Jim.

 For many years we shared Christmas Eve with close friends and then shared New Years Eve with them also. They have been gone many years. Diabetes is a bad disease. We lost her sister 2 days ago.

 We share cookies and treats with our community and I always give to Boy's Town for Dad was most impressed with the work they did for youngsters, when he was young.

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