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Advent Calendar for 2011-- Holiday Stockings

Advent Calendar for 2011-- Holiday Stockings

 Holiday Stockings I do recall, there was one for me and Sis and Mom and Dad.  Inside was a orange, 3 walnuts, my plastic trycycle.  Sis and Mom and Dad all had the same only sis got a comb and brush set for little people. I am not sure what Mom and Dad had in theirs but it was probably a hair comb and  barrette.

I must have been six years old or five. My mind said the war was still on so maybe 5, or just ended.

We were living at the Morretti Ranch, Dad milked cows for them. The stockings were our own. Not something from the store.  Later years I remember we took craft paper at school cut out a stocking and strung ribbon through the holes to make a stocking to take home for Xmas.  Often a toothbrush was the item in the stocking with fruit and nuts.

When many years past and we were older I recall we had stockings, I believe my Aunt Etta made them.
 I was a teen by now. I wonder where they went because we never touched any of Mom's Christmas decorations when home but the very old tree I sent her almost 20 years ago.  No idea where the ornaments went that we made or the articles that Dad and Mom had made. Mom was very artsy Crafty. She taught 4-H sewing and could design a dress from seeing it in a store window. She also did beautiful flower drawings from scratch some of the prettiest was Pansy's.

Our family{Pentico's} had a stocking for Ed and later we added for Don. When older we  had a  stocking for each family member. Mom, Dad, Ed, Don, Candy, Bj, and Al.   Whom ever was visiting was honored with a stocking.  Generally always a toothbrush, hair comb or brush, orange, nuts, peppermint stick and a toy of some type maybe a ball pen or pencil and eraser.

Christmas was to help fill in the blanks from school so we asked Santa for things we knew the children would need at school.

 When they did the Christmas list it also was a need list first and 2 items of want only. Santa attempted to get one of each and sometimes both of need and the want if the year had been good.

 If we went to Mom's we took the stockings with us.

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