Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent Calendar of 2012. Honoring the Dead

Advent Calendar of 2012.  Honoring the Dead

Well, I had to think on this one.  We seem to bury a lot of family and friends this time of year.
We will be doing the same again this year. We just lost a friend and I just lost a cousin this week.

 We lost our dear friends at this time several years back and I lost Mom this last January.

 I just keep going to the phone and saying, "MOM, I am thinking of you". No sense picking it up or placing a call.

 I am not sure we honor them more now than normal but they are thought of and talked of and their ideas and wishes and dreams are passed on to the  living family members.

 Generally, someone will say," Grandpa used to love to tease us about our chores being done and coal in our stockings."  Or "Grandma made the best brownies you have ever eaten, to bad you did not get to try them," to the younger ones who do not remember that much about some of the elders.

 Our family was lucky because the grandparents lived well up in the years giving the great grandchildren a good chance to get to know them a bit, especially the Grandmothers.

 I am blessed with a Great Aunt still alive and 2 Aunts on my Dad's side and  1 Uncle on my Mom's.

Fred's older generations are gone, and many of his cousins and class mates are gone too. We both have all our siblings yet.

 So basically chatting about the past and what the deceased likes and dislikes were is the biggest thing, since the deaths are rather recent yet it is easily brought up.  Ten years from now will someone do that, I can not say.  They may have to be talking about us then.

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