Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Holiday Travel

Advent Calendar for 2011- Holiday Travel

 Holiday Travel was always in the cards as a youngster.  I was born in Greybull, Wyo and grandparents were in Wheatland, Wyo. .    I was told my parents went to my Grandparents' in Wheatland. It was a two fold purpose because I was to be taken to Denver's Children Hospital, where later I had surgery.  I so wanted those papers from Mom's. Did not happen.

Later we moved to Sonoma County, California and Dad worked on his brother in law's dairy. Those early Christmases I remember very well. The food, the family, the trains that ran on the tracks and hot cocoa and cookie at the end of the night.

Moving down the road to Moretti's we then went back to Aunt's and they came to our's. We shared Christmas with family and friends. Family was my Aunt Etta and her husband and boys. Everyone else was in Wyoming, Colorado and Iowa.

We then moved to a small town on the north west side of the county. A few years later, my Mom's cousin moved to Palo Alto and we expanded our Holiday events.  They loved to come to the ranch away from the city. A few years later Mom's little sister moved in next door to us. Our gatherings were getting larger.
It was nothing to have 35 people over night and to feed for a couple of days.

Slowly other family members moved near enough to visit. Dad's brother got stationed in San Diego and they would come up ever so many Christmases.

 We had a good time at Christmas but a lot of  cooking and work to do also. Ranch work does not end when company comes in.  Hurray most of the cousins loved to help. They could legally go muck around in the mud, if it rained and one year it even snowed.

Saving Fred and my family memories for another post.

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