Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Santa Claus

  Advent Calendar for 2011  Santa Claus

  I recently re read an interesting story that someone did many years ago to explain the existence of
  Santa Claus to a growing child.

  It is still one of the best articles to explain to a growing child the warmth and depth of Santa Claus and
  how he spreads the joy that the Christ Child came to bring.

  I have to say, I think we see way to many of these jolly fellows around and about.  We used to get to  see him on two Saturdays before Christmas and he was not on every street corner and he was not
  promoting the things many do today. Alas.

  If it was harder to get to see him and he was more secluded maybe more of the true meaning of Christmas would still exist.

  The story that  explains his usefulness was basically this.  Does Santa still exist? Yes, in each and everyone of us that carries on his tradition of caring about someone else and doing for others as we so wish to have done to us.

   Grandma took the young man to the store and gave him money and said," now buy a gift for someone that you know". The young man thought, thought and thought, as he processed his family and friends he suddenly remembered the picked on boy with out a coat in school.  He picked out a coat and went to the clerk.  Handed her $10 and said it was for a boy who had no coat in school. She rang the sale up and they left the store.

  Grandma took  him to the boy's home with the coat wrapped and he sneaked up to porch and put it on the doorstep and rang the bell. Quickly scurried out of sight and watched the results.

  Some one answered the door.  The little boy got a Coat.  Grandma then turned to the little boy and said you are forever now Santa's helper.

  Also in the end, years later he learns going through Grandma's receipts that the clerk covered the rest of the  cost of the coat for it was more than $10.

 This is the reason for the Season. God gave His only Son. We are to emulate his actions by giving and doing for others, all the days of our lives not just Christmas.  So yes, somehow God let Santa become a
part of spreading the news of Jesus birth and His giving of Himself for us all.

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