Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011 Charity or Volunteerism

Advent Calendar for 2011    Charity or Volunteerism

Christmas has been taught in my home as a child as a time for sharing.  It is for thinking about others and doing something special for  others.

First we were to remember it was the birth of the Christ Child and we attended MASS. We went to morning Mass or Midnight Mass depending on many things in my parents busy life.  If we were going to Aunt's for Christmas we generally went on  way to  their house. If we had company coming many times we did Midnight Mass so we were free for when relatives and friends arrived.

We volunteered at the school for setting up and taking down for the plays and potlucks.

As a young family my husband and I always gave to Navy Relief to help those less fortunate.
We seldom did Christmas as a big event..  Thanksgiving was our time for that.

 I worked as an Omsbudsman for the Navy when my husband was away.  That was volunteering
 to care for other members of the Squadron.  We helped to get trees and gifts for those who needed more than two hands to handle the holiday.   We actually were the receiver as a family, by co workers the winter, our youngest went to the hospital for the major part of December.

Our children sang in the chorus and did Church work to show thanks for the Baby Jesus coming.

 Our  older boys were raised as Boy Scouts and did much volunteerism during the holidays for years.

 Our girls sang in the choir and helped neighbors in need. Whether it was  walk the dog. Set and spend time with someone home from the hospital or playing a game of cards so adult not all alone every day.

Our children adopted the older neighbors as Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles because we were so far from family except my Uncle in Lemon Grove.  One daughter baked cookies for the neighbors from the time she was like 9 years old, Albert passed this year so no more cookies.  But we have a new neighbor that we share with now.

 Cookies are swapped and food sometimes too.  If you truly want to receive one should give.
  God keeps reminding us of that.

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