Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011-- Religious Services

Advent Calendar for  2011-- Religious Services

Christmas with out religious services, now that is a thought to ponder.

I was raised Catholic, when small we went to morning Mass with other class mates, smaller I went with parents, Aunt and Uncle and their family.

We went to Mass when older either the evening before or Midnight.

 We would come home and have hot cocoa, and cookies or a tamale and the children were allowed to open
 one gift.

 I prefer Midnight Mass. It ushers in the birth of Christ and the start of our true salvation.

 There is something about the night time sky and air and people's attitudes at night, that makes it feel so

  Midnight Mass is still preferred by this house but  our families are on their own and do their own time and

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