Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011 by Susi Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

I remember my first home made ornament was stringing popcorn with my parents to hang on the tree.
We did this for several years even after we had lights on the tree.

Mom had some beautiful electric lights when they finally could afford them and they were like flowers with individual petals that lit up. I have one but it no longer works. Did not work when Mom gave to me.

As a youth we made ornaments in school to take home and hang on the tree.  We did paper cut outs of stars.  We made a plaster paris hand print as a gift to put on tree also.

Our children made paper cut outs and then lightbulbs decorated that no longer worked. I actually still have one or two of those.

As a married couple, my family supplied the ingredients for our first Xmas on our own. My Aunt Ruth supplied a colored wheel light and a aluminium tree. The wheel was colored blue and the ornaments that went with it where a  pretty bluish turquoise.  My parents supplied more ornaments. My  Aunt Etta supplied garland and a candy dish.

Of course there was her great Divinity in the dish.

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