Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Christmas at School

Advent Calendar for 2011-  Christmas at School

 Christmas at school was a really big thing when I was young and when my children went to school also.
 I was amazed when thinking about the past school pageants and songfests, we had such a joyful time and
 our teachers always made sure everyone had a part and were involved.

 Some how we have lost so much more than just the not mentioning of God at school but it has affected our entire attitude in life for many.

 Having forgotten that at one time I was a solo for the evening. There were three of us picked to sing and the rest had chorale. They did more songs than we.  We had cocoa and cookies afterwards with all the families and students of the school.  Father Kielly was there and said we did a marvelous presentation.
I was an 9th grader then. I later moved on to band and played in many parades and school events.

 My siblings were in Christmas plays also. Later our children were in plays, pageants and or did
singing.  We were blessed we have grand children with voices and acting ability. One is even a Thespian.

Our 4-H group gathered canned goods to take to the Salvation Army via the 4-H office for the less fortunate.  We even did cake sales and cookie sales to make funds for the school events to share.

It saddens my heart to know that schools are not allowed to do this any more. We gave our soul away somehow.

A grandson related to me very recently how he feels about religion and it was a very profound and interesting reveal of his thoughts.  I think he has his head on very straight and if he can at least keep the thoughts he has now it should help to guide him in his future life.

Christmas is the Celebration of Christ being born and to say less is sad.
Yes there are other connotations added to it but it is the reason for the season.


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  2. I taught in Catholic schools for many years. It was wonderful that we could talk about the real reason for Christmas.