Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Other Traditions

Advent Calendar for 2011- Other Traditions
  Other traditions were being involved in the schools play and sharing of food for the community.

  A tradition we did at home for years was to string popcorn to put on the tree. It seems once the young ones were almost adults there was no longer an  interest in doing this. But we bake and share with neighbors and friends.

  We send Christmas cards and letters to preserve some family history.  It was a smart person whom started those Christmas letters that replace the diaries family used to keep with family events of the year. No it is not as good as the old ledger but it is better than no information at all.

 We also always shared our children's pictures with family and close friends.  Do you know we learned some of our close friends were close relatives?

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