Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday - My thoughts- Surname Search

Wisdom Wednesday   - My thoughts - Surname Search

 Sometimes my thoughts ramble and roam and are not sure where there is a home.

 I just completed an interesting read on a message board. Having used message boards since the beginning of them I had almost forgotten how much information you can garner from gazing through the messages on surnames that may belong to you.

 It is one thing to do a search for a specific name and it is another to set back and read the many comments made regarding a specific family or group of peoples.  It reminded me of my love to read Will Books.

 Long ago having learned that there is a full family history contained in Will Books if the family has stayed in one location any length of time.  It takes longer to garner the history if they move about and you have to track down the Wills, Probates & Deeds.

I was looking for information on my husbands lineage. ended up reading about five generations of one of the lines just  from the posts made by people responding.

Now that was not as I know yet his direct line but some of the names mentioned here in were mentioned in his line.  So sent off queries to the people involved and hope to get a reply.

So do a search for a specific name but take the time to read the posts especially if within a region your kin may have been or tramped across moving.  You may find Great Aunt Harriet and Dear Great Uncle Bob is mentioned in their posts and found entire new line of information.

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