Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent Calendar for 2011- Unusual Surprises

Advent Calendar for 2011  Unusual Surprises

As we know this is the time of year that many things happen. Some fun some stressful, some joyful and jolly events we experience especially this time of year.

 A distant family member may  pop in and surprise you.  I neighbor may bring over a treat to share with the family you were not expecting.

 You then may decide to surprise someone else and go knock on their door and say Greetings.

 It is only the 9th and already we have had two visitors not expected. Whooopeee. I love visitors and so does my husband.  Neither stayed long but to see their face and chat awhile is a  good thing.

 Invited brother to Christmas yesterday and he said not to be surprised if I open door and he standing there. Isn't that a fun thought to think about.  I do not expect him since he may be having surgery again soon but it is the thought that counts.

Of course he would bring his lovely wife along.

 A gift we received already was my nephew came home from overseas in one piece after working his third tour.  My sister's grandson came home also for a Thanksgiving visit to their family from over there also.

 Unusual surprises can come in many ways.  I special compliment by someone regarding how your are doing a project.

 We grew up with some relatives, Uncles on each side of family that loved to just put family in the car and show up on our door for various holidays. They are both gone but we loved it and funny thing was MOM almost always could tell when her Sister was headed our way.  Drove Uncle nuts that it was never a total surprise but once.  Dad's brother would come from the other direction and some times we had them all together at the same time.  They all went to school together when they were very young.  So our family was one very large family.

How I miss that family connection.

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